APARC's Postcard Pranks!!

Have you ever wanted to anonymously prank your friends while also supporting a good cause?  Well now is your chance!  Order one of our postcards by March 27th and they'll arrive at their destination the first week of April!  We will ship these cards nationwide, so even your long-distance friends can get pranked!   
Simply click the card you want to send to get started!

For special orders, please shoot us an email at spsandi@aparc.ca


Nudist International

Know someone that would NEVER go on a nudist vacation?  Well don't be caught in with your pants down trying to prank them, just send them this post card, anonymously!
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JB Fan Club 

Baby, baby, baby!  Don't get caught in Despacito situation!  Prank your your friends who would never expect it from you, but they should Never Say Never!  You won't have to say Sorry, just Love Yourself for being so creative!

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Albertans for Trudeau

Self explainitory... unlike some expenditures...

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Albertans for Scheer

It would be Scheer luck if they found out this card was from you!  

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The Ointment Warehouse

We all know someone that carries around one too many jugs of ointment.  Let them know they are a bit overzealous with their ointment application by sending them this card!  It won't solve an itch, but it will make you chuckle!


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