Cat-pacity reporting system

Our shelter has the ability house between 60-100 cats at any given time, but raw numbers cannot provide the public with up-to-date and accurate shelter capacity. Sometimes we are able to comfortably place multiple cats (bonded pairs/litters of kittens) in a single kennel-space, so shelter numbers cannot give a full picture of shelter capacity status. Sometimes higher number’s don’t necessarily mean a full shelter, and vice versa.

To combat this problem, we are implementing a Cat-Pacity Report that will provide up-to-date information on shelter capacity, not shelter numbers (these numbers will still be available as Transparency Reports we publish on our Facebook Page). This reporting system does not change the services APARC provides whatsoever, merely provides another way we can be transparent with our community.


Space readily available

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 9.07.52 AM.png

This green icon means we have space available. There is extremely low risk of euthanasia for space. During times of readily available space, APARC may approve transfers from an outside organization in need. If you are a shelter that may want to initiate transfer, please contact us at

some rooms Full -
otherwise space available

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This yellow icon means one of our rooms is full, but we are still operational. This could mean our adoption room, feral cat area, quarantine, or intake rooms are at capacity. This icon signifies the need for volunteers and fosters to help the multitude of cats we care for annually, or adopters to provide a forever home to one in need.

>85% capacity

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At greater than 85% capacity, shelter operations are severely affected. Placing animals in appropriate areas becomes difficult (quarantine vs. intake rooms). At this level, we are in great need of fosters and volunteers. Adoptions are necessary to decrease total cats in shelter. In addition, depending on intake, reclaims, and adoption, euthanizing for space becomes a higher risk.

Catpacity Emerg.png

This icon will only be used if we expect to euthanize for space within 48 hours. In order to prevent this occurrence, we require adopters/fosters or transfers.


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