Pet Reclaim Assistance for Low Income Families (PRALIF)

APARC is dedicated to ensuring as many animals as possible go home. In order to advance in this mission, APARC has found the need to institute a program for low income families to receive a subsidy so they are more capable of reclaiming their pets.  APARC will reduce the daily care rate to our Compassionate Pricing model. Funding to further reduce the daily care fees will come from a small amount of funds, specifically from donors who wish to support this program. Qualified applicants will receive a highly discounted reclaim rate, or it may be completely covered with PRALIF, depending on funding availability.

If you believe you are eligible for PRALIF funding, please complete the form below. Proof of any claims on this form may be required.   Proof may be emailed to info@aparc.ca or bring them to the shelter upon approval. 



Name *
Do you receive receive assistance from a Provincial or Federal agency?
If yes, proof is required. E.g. Client Reporting Card.
Please Check all that apply about your impounded pet.
Are you not currently receiving any government assistance but still classify yourself as "low income"?